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Celebrity Sex

Explicit sex videos featuring "celebrity" performers or subjects from the mainstream world; may include "leaked" footage, purpose-made sex videos, or erotic or nude clips from movies.

Even the plainest of celebrities is somehow an incredible draw. Once you see them naked, you realize they're just like us.


Performers of German descent.

Never mind what you've heard about German porn - they do it the same way we do. And contrary to popular opinion, the women aren't all blonde.

Anal Creampie

Ejaculation by a man inside the rectum of a woman or another man.

Probably the very last kind of pie you want on the table for Thanksgiving dessert. Unless you're the kind of person who stuffs your turkey personally.


Porn performers must be 18 to appear in adult films, so 18 and 19 are the only legal teen years for porn performers.

These comprise the very small percentage of legitimate teens that are allowed to perform in porn, unless you're one of those people who understand that the new millennium began in 2001, in which case you can enjoy 20-year-olds too.


A catchall term for variations in power play including Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism.

B&D, D&S, or S&M: Whichever combination (or combinations) you choose, you're out on the edge. It's whips and chains, but it's also head games, power play, sensation, and leather, and so much more.


Anal play, including penetration with a toy, a penis, or a finger.

One of the most popular taboos around. Taboo enough that it's in such high demand that everybody does it; now that we think about it, maybe taking it up the ass just isn't that taboo anymore.

Double Anal

The simultaneous penetration of a person's anus by two penises.

Double anal is only for the sexual athletes among us. Two cocks in the ass is two more than nature intended, but some people are always pushing boundaries.

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