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The use of a military, police, medical or other uniform as an aid to erotic activity; often associated with BDSM or gay porn.

A uniform is supposed to make people all look alike, but what good does it do if you just end up throwing it on the floor?


Porn featuring one or more men with beards.

Faking an orgasm takes more than 200 muscles; a man with a beard can save you a lot of trouble and effort.


The insertion of a hand in a partner's vagina or rectum.

It's not just for people with tiny hands any more.

Alt Sex

Porn featuring alt-performers with tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications.

Technically, anything that's not what George Carlin called man-on-top-get-it-over-with-quick sex, but in porn it's tattoos, piercings, and a crushing anomie that can only be assuaged by hot fucking.


Male performers portraying athletes, often represented as young men still in high school or college.

There's a reason they got all the girls in high school.

Anus External

Anal play that does not include penetration by a finger, toy, or penis.

Sometimes it's enough to knock on the door without having to go in for a visit. Rimming and teasing are just as much fun as full penetration.

5 O’Clock Shadow

The amount of beard grown by a man between shaving in the morning and coming home from work in the evening.

5 o'clock shadow isn't just for five o'clock any more; ever since GI Joe started sporting his lifelike hair and beard, men have realized that women like it at every time of day and night.

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