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The practice of pleasuring oneself with only hands or toys; may be indulged in alone or with a partner watching or also masturbating.

Nobody knows you better than you do, and you're never going to say no to a romantic night at home with yourself.


The use of the mouth to stimulate a partner's genitals; a male performing oral sex on a female is cunnilingus (pussy-eating), while a female performing oral sex on a male is fellatio (blowjob).

Relative to its size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body - it's really best to give it as much exercise as possible.


In porn, a sexual gathering in which there is a roughly equal number of participants of both genders totalling at least six; distinguished from a gangbang in that one person is not the focus of the group. In orgies, people tend to move from partner to partner freely.

Like a buffet for your genitals - try a little bit of everything, keep moving, and go back to what you like best.


A performance in a porn movie that does not include explicit sexual activity.

Well, somebody has to do the real acting.

Anal Fingering

Penetration of the anus with one or more fingers.

Well, you have to get an ass ready somehow - it's not polite to just slam a cock in there without any preparation. No matter how much lube you're using, it's nice to warm it up with something smaller than a rampaging dick. Also, if you don't have a dick, fingers will do nicely.


A sexual position in which a person resting on his or her shoulders and neck with hips in the air is penetrated by a partner standing over him or her and thrusting downwards.

It doesn't involve quite as much machinery as it sounds like there might be, but there is a small risk of spinal injury.


The practice of rubbing penises together while two or more men are receiving oral sex from a third person

Everybody's a winner in this kind of tournament.

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