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Porn featuring a bar, pub or tavern as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Bars are notorious for being the best pickup joints - it's where people's inhibitions are lowest, but usually the score doesn't actually happen there. Sometimes, though, if you're lucky, you don't have to take your date home.

Sex Club

Porn featuring a sex club, swingers' club, or public sex venue as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Even if a Sex Club sounds like a great way to be bludgeoned into unconsciousness, it's really just a place where people go to fuck in public.


Porn featuring a barn as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

What better place to take a country girl than out into the barn? As long as there's clean straw, everything should go perfectly.

Plot Based

A long-form porn movie with a story and script; may be a comedy, drama, parody, or some combination of those or other elements.

Because sometimes, when you've gotten tired of both basic cable drama AND gonzo, you want something that has all the best and worst features of both.


Porn featuring a church as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

If you're going to transgress, you might as well go all the way. Sex feels dirtier in a place where everything's supposed to be cleaner.

Hospital (Drs. Office)

Porn featuring a hospital, doctor's office, or medical facility as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

If you have an erection for more than our hours, they say, see a doctor. She'll know how to handle it.


Porn featuring a boat, ship, or other waterborne vessel as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

It's the motion of the ocean, but it's the size of the boat, too. How are you going to manage standing doggy? We're gonna need a bigger boat.


Porn in which the camera and camera operator are an acknowledged part of the scene and the action. Distinguished from POV in that the camera operator is not necessarily engaging in sexual activity.

Count your blessings - this kind of gonzo is 100% Hunter Thompson-free. For a while, it was all Buttman, but anyone can do it now.


Porn featuring a hotel, motel, or inn as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

What could be better than a place where you can have the messiest sex you can imagine but you don't have to wash the sheets yourself? Just step out for lunch and bam, they're clean!


Porn featuring a gym or fitness club as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Everybody here is sweaty anyway - might as well get some fucking in and make it worth your while.

Forest (Woods)

Porn featuring a forested or wooded setting as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

What could be more natural than engaging in the oldest act of all out in the middle of nature?

Foot Job

The use of the feet as a method of stimulating or masturbating a penis.

When a handjob just seems too easy and a blowjob just seems too wet.


The insertion of a hand in a partner's vagina or rectum.

It's not just for people with tiny hands any more.


A body type for men or women characterized by well-developed musculature and physique.

Some muscles are more important than others, but it's nice to have a fuckbuddy who pays attention to all of them.

Pierced Penis

Any of a number of piercings performed on the head or shaft of a man's penis, including but not limited to the Prince Albert, the ampallang, the apadravya, or the dydoe piercings.

If Prince Albert had only known what he was going to be remembered for in the twenty-first century, he might have picked out a nice hat instead.

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