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A sexual position in which a person resting on his or her shoulders and neck with hips in the air is penetrated by a partner standing over him or her and thrusting downwards.

It doesn't involve quite as much machinery as it sounds like there might be, but there is a small risk of spinal injury.


The practice of stimulating the nerves of the anus by licking or tonguing; non-penetrative, but often seen in conjunction with other anal play.

Also known as tossing the salad, rimming is the same as the rusty trombone, except you don't have to handle the slide.

Pussy Torture

The practice of inflicting pain on the female genitalia by various means including clamps or other devices or by inflicting blows on the vagina with toys or bare hands.

Bad kitty.

Reverse Cowgirl

A sexual position in which a man lies on his back and a woman straddles and rides him while facing away from him.

Topographically speaking, reverse cowgirl is basically just doggy style, but with the girl doing all the work


The practice of removing hair from the face or body for the enhancement of sexual gratification.

It's a chore unless it's going to make it more pleasant for someone to be rubbing against you. Or unless you just like razors.

Side Saddle

A sexual position in which one person is penetrated while riding the other, but facing to the side rather than toward or away from his or her partner.

When you feel like some dirty fucking but still want to be ladylike.

Plot Based

A long-form porn movie with a story and script; may be a comedy, drama, parody, or some combination of those or other elements.

Because sometimes, when you've gotten tired of both basic cable drama AND gonzo, you want something that has all the best and worst features of both.


Any group activity in which one person is the focus of penetration by a number of partners; generally four or more active partners is the lower threshold for a gangbang.

You don't have to have a whole gang to make one happen, nor do you have to wear your colors, but the more friends you bring along, the better.


Porn in which the camera and camera operator are an acknowledged part of the scene and the action. Distinguished from POV in that the camera operator is not necessarily engaging in sexual activity.

Count your blessings - this kind of gonzo is 100% Hunter Thompson-free. For a while, it was all Buttman, but anyone can do it now.


Performers of German descent.

Never mind what you've heard about German porn - they do it the same way we do. And contrary to popular opinion, the women aren't all blonde.


Porn featuring a bar, pub or tavern as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Bars are notorious for being the best pickup joints - it's where people's inhibitions are lowest, but usually the score doesn't actually happen there. Sometimes, though, if you're lucky, you don't have to take your date home.


Porn featuring a barn as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

What better place to take a country girl than out into the barn? As long as there's clean straw, everything should go perfectly.


Porn featuring a beach as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Watch out for the undertow and bring your sunscreen; you do want to get sucked in and you do want to get all hot and bothered, but always consider safety first when you're at the shore.


Porn featuring a boat, ship, or other waterborne vessel as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

It's the motion of the ocean, but it's the size of the boat, too. How are you going to manage standing doggy? We're gonna need a bigger boat.


Porn featuring a church as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

If you're going to transgress, you might as well go all the way. Sex feels dirtier in a place where everything's supposed to be cleaner.

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