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Big Dick

Featuring a man or men with an unusually large penis.

It's great to have one, and it's understandable to want one. Just try not to be one.

Hair Pulling

The practice of pulling hair as stimulation during sexual activity. Often performed during BDSM or rough sex.

It's nice that so many girls really like having their hair pulled, but it does make for a nice handle to hang on to.


Porn featuring a bar, pub or tavern as a location for sexual or erotic activity.

Bars are notorious for being the best pickup joints - it's where people's inhibitions are lowest, but usually the score doesn't actually happen there. Sometimes, though, if you're lucky, you don't have to take your date home.


The practice of using a dildo and harness to allow a female performer to penetrate a male partner anally; often but not always seen in a BDSM or femdom context.

Finally we find out who really wears the pants - and the cock - around here. Sisters are doin' it for themselves - and to their men. Bend over, boyfriend!

Standing Double Penetration

A sexual position in which a woman is penetrated in vagina and anus by two standing partners; she may be standing or supported by one or both partners.

If you thought fucking was easy, just try co-ordinating one of these. It may be the oldest act of all, but civilization has definitely brought some refinements.

Dildo Play

Generally refers to activity between two women using phallic toys without the use of harnesses or supporting gear.

Dildos never go soft, they never fail you, and they never, ever quit. And you can leave them in the wet spot and they don't complain.


An ejaculation on a man's or woman's back.

If you're going to shoot a load of cum on someone and you want to make sure you don't get it in their eyes, the back is your best bet. You're going to have to help with the cleanup, though.


Performers with brown hair, either natural or artificially colored.

You can keep your blondes and redheads - brunettes try harder, and there's nothing like a girl who's doing her best.

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